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Regional Education Leaders Discuss Collaboration, Shared Vision

Article By: Kenneth A. Stewart
NPS President Dan Oliver and 17th District Representative, Congressmen Sam Farr, welcome regional education leaders to the NPS campus for discussions on the local impact of education and possible collaborative efforts between the Monterey Peninsula’s higher education institutions. 

The presidents of several area colleges and universities joined 17th District Representative, Congressmen Sam Farr, and Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) President Dan Oliver on the NPS campus for candid discussion on a wide range of topics, including the economics of higher education and opportunities for collaborative educational and research programs.

“Dan Oliver and I served as co-chairs [of the Monterey County Business Council’s Higher Education and Research Cluster], and are bringing together the various educational institutes to identify and collaborate on projects and economic activities,” said Monterey Peninsula College President Dr. Doug Garrison.

The Monterey County Business Council is an alliance of executives, professionals and organizations that helps business, government, education and community leaders from myriad backgrounds work together on countywide issues.

Oliver and Garrrison’s work with the MCBC reflects local recognition of the economic impact of higher education throughout the Monterey Peninsula. “Education is the second largest economic cluster in the ‘Monterey crescent,’” said Garrison.

Congressman Farr recognized both the economic and intellectual contributions of the local institutions of higher learning.

“We have to measure the value of the intellectual capacity of the institute,” said Farr. “NPS is receiving growing recognition from its graduates that are doing important things all around the world.”

Economic impact was an important topic of discussion, but so too was collaboration. NPS is working with several local schools to collaborate on important research and to provide internship opportunities.

“A number of our students come to NPS to take classes, and our faculty collaborate … There is a lot of ways that we complement each other,” said Monterey Institute of International Studies President Dr. Sunder Ramaswamy. “The faculty and students build the bridges, but as president, I hope for even more future collaboration.”

Posted October 19, 2012

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