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NPS Interim President Meets With Congressional Leader

Article By: Dale M. Kuska
Rear Adm. Jan Tighe, Interim President of Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), welcomes Congressman Sam Farr to campus for a meeting emphasizing the Navy's commitment to NPS and to the local community, Dec. 7. 

As Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Interim President Rear Adm. Jan Tighe moves forward as leader of the institution, she spent a short time with Congressman Sam Farr discussing Navy's commitment to NPS during a campus meeting, Dec. 7.

Farr noted that he appreciated the opportunity to meet with the institution's new leader, and expressed his own thoughts on the value he has seen NPS provide to the local community over his many years in the area.

"This school is a crown jewel for the military, for really all of the services," Farr noted. "In recent years, the school has grown dramatically to equip the institution to educate in the newest frontiers. It's got a great faculty and great talent, and I hope that what comes out of this is a recommitment and revitalization of the Naval Postgraduate School.

"It is a unique institution, there is nothing like it anywhere in the world," he continued. "When you look at NPS, and all of the other Department of Defense entities here on the Central Coast, there is nothing else like this. If you want a place for advanced education, field experimentation, a center of thinking and experiential opportunity, Monterey is the place to do it."

In reflecting upon the meeting, Tighe expressed her appreciation of Congressman Farr's long-standing interest in NPS.

"It was a pleasure to sit down with Congressman Farr this morning, continuing the open dialogue between the Naval Postgraduate School and our regional leadership," Tighe noted. "The Navy prides itself on maintaining a strong relationship between our commands and the communities in which they reside, and I look forward to continue working with local leadership."

"During our discussion, Congressman Farr expressed his commitment to assisting the institution in any way that he possibly can, noting his strong support for the defense institutions in his district," Tighe said.

A native of nearby Carmel, Calif., Farr has served in Congress since 1993. He is a member of the House Appropriations Committee, the Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture, Rural Development and Food and Drug Administration, and holds a seat on the Subcommittee on Military Construction and Veterans Affairs.

Posted December 10, 2012

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