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NPS Assists Nearby Defense Language Institute in Migration to .EDU Network

Article By: MC1 Rob Rubio

Officials from the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC) and Naval Postgraduate School celebrated the completion of the NPS/DLIFLC Academic Network Initiative during a late January ceremony, officially recognizing the NPS-assisted migration of the language school to an academic-based .EDU domain.

NPS President Dan Oliver commented that the regional partnership was an excellent example of how local DoD institutions can work together to effectively maximize critical resources. “The concept of Team Monterey has been in existence for a long time, but this partnership introduces a much deeper level of cooperation and collaboration than we have previously seen,” he remarked. “As the DoD and leadership of our country shift the defense strategy, it is going to become increasingly important to streamline operations at local levels to ensure that we are collectively good stewards of the taxpayer’s money. The Team Monterey Academic Network is a perfect example of how operational efficiencies can be achieved through strategic partnerships.”

University Vice President for Information Resources and Chief Information Officer Dr. Christine Haska echoed Oliver’s sentiments. “NPS has a longstanding partnership with the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center in a number of areas, and this project provided an opportunity to expand and strengthen that relationship,” she said. “Working together will permit us to leverage resources in ways that will improve capabilities for both institutions, consistent with the Team Monterey approach envisioned by Congressman Sam Farr.”

Jon Russell, Chief Technology Officer for DLIFLC, noted that DLIFLC and NPS have been working since 2008, to establish a single academic network to enable students at both locations to leverage modern technologies to accelerate and sustain their learning. He remarked, “This network will provide a learning environment for our Soldiers, Sailor, Airmen and Marines that is on par with some of the best universities in the world.”

DLIFLC Commandant, Col. Danial Pick, provided testament that the traditional .mil military network did not support the true mission of the institution, noting that DLI must enable and empower students and educators both in Monterey and around the world to learn and sustain languages, administer tests, do research and the full range of tasks associated with the language school.

Select leadership from the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC), NPS and the local community prepare to cut a ceremonial ribbon celebrating the completion of the NPS/DLIFLC Academic Network Initiative, Jan. 25.

“Over the next year, a combined team of NPS and DLI technicians and academicians will build a new computing environment that will significantly improve the ability of DLI to fulfill its mission of enhancing the linguistic readiness of our nation,” Pick said. "This day marks the culmination of an unprecedented partnership between DLI and our friends across town at the Naval Postgraduate School. NPS has truly provided great leadership in establishing a truly academically-focused network and computing environment that … does rival those of the best academic institutions in the world … I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to all of those involved, but most especially to our partners at NPS.”

More than 100 buildings across DLI’s Monterey campus and DLI-Washington will be connected to a network more than 40 times faster than the current network over the next year, representing the fastest network that is commercially available today. This network will connect to the outside world through the same network that connects Stanford, the University of California system and Lawrence Livermore Labs.

The combined academic network datacenter will provide both campuses with a virtual datacenter with the computing power of over 750 physical servers and more than one petabyte of data storage. Both schools will no longer be held to annual licensing costs due to new open source initiatives.

It was also noted that the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC) will recognize the effort with an award to be presented in March, at Stanford University in Palo Alto, for excellence in innovation.

Posted March 1, 2012

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