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Monterey Naval Installations Honored with Environmental and Historic Stewardship Awards

Article By: Kenneth A. Stewart

The Naval Support Activity (NSA) Monterey, home to the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), was recently awarded two prestigious Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) awards for cultural resource management and installation sustainability.

“The CNO environmental awards recognize Navy ships, installations and people for outstanding performance in promoting environmental stewardship,” said NSA Monterey Installation Environmental Program Director Johanna Turner.

Scattered throughout NSA Monterey are dozens of historic buildings set against a backdrop of natural beauty. Environmental specialists work quietly behind the scenes to protect NPS’ historic and natural splendor.

“The federally-recognized historical districts, Hotel Del Monte and engineering Quad, make up 80 percent of the NPS main campus,” said Natural Resource Specialist Todd Wills. “The Navy has been entrusted with these really interesting and unique historic properties and we have an obligation to preserve them for the American people.”

The Hotel Del Monte was once a cultural landmark on California’s central coast.

“Charles Lindberg, Amelia Earhart, anyone that was anybody came to the Hotel Del Monte … What the Navy took over when they bought the property has a lot of historic relevance to our nation and community,” said Turner.

 Natural Resource Specialists Todd Wills and Vicki Taber stand beside Installation Energy Manager Jermaine Starks atop NPS’ Dudley Knox Library, surrounded by rows of clean energy producing photovoltaic cells.

According to Turner, NSA Monterey has made significant strides in cultural resource management in the last two years.

“The Roman Plunge pool complex is an outstanding example of historic property stewardship. The pool is a historic property with significant historic associations and design,” said Turner. “After two years of thoughtful research, analysis, and informed design, the final product is a fully-restored, early 20th-century architectural masterpiece.”

NSA Monterey Commanding Officer, Navy Capt. Gerral K. David, has made environmental sustainability and stewardship a priority.

“At NSA Monterey, we take our commitment to the environment very seriously as we carry out our daily responsibilities and plan for a sustainable future,” said David.

“The federal government has been charged with several sustainability goals and the Department of the Navy has taken these goals a step further, the installation exceeds the goals set by both the federal government and the DON,” added Natural Resource Specialist Vicki Taber. “Since the goals were first set, the installation has reduced water use by 35 percent and energy consumption by over 30 percent.”

NPS students, faculty and staff may be familiar with the energy-saving light fixtures and occupancy sensors in their offices, but these conservation measures are merely the tip of the sustainability iceberg.

Several buildings at NPS, and throughout NSA Monterey, employ advanced energy-saving technologies. The Marine Meteorology Center utilizes photovoltaic arrays connected to the energy grid for part of their electricity requirements. Below ground, the center contains a cistern for collecting rainwater that is used for toilet flushing year-round. Other measures include steam and ventilation system efficiency projects aimed at decreasing the use of energy and money while increasing occupant comfort throughout the installation.

Posted April 5, 2013

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