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DKL Reference Librarian Recognized as Mover and Shaker by “Library Journal”

Article By: MC1 Grant Ammon
Andrea Davis, a reference and instruction librarian at NPS’ Dudley Knox Library, was named a 2012 “Mover and Shaker” by prominent library magazine, “Library Journal.” Annually, the respected publication spotlights librarians and others in the field who are nominated by their peers for doing extraordinary work to serve their users, and to move libraries of all types and their services forward.

Named a Mover and Shaker in the Advocates category, Davis was recognized for her efforts in establishing and promoting the presence of libraries and librarians at the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW), an annual event blending music, films and emerging technologies to foster creative and professional growth.
Noting “Library Journal” as the premier journal for libraries across the country, University Librarian Eleanor Uhlinger emphasized the significance of Davis’ selection as a 2012 Mover and Shaker.
““Library Journal” is the journal of the library profession,” said Uhlinger.

She thinks outside the box, she added. Rather than using traditional marketing and traditional ways that we’ve always talked about libraries, she’s trying to think of new and innovative ways to get people involved in libraries, she noted.

Getting involved with and advocating for modern libraries also means keeping up to date with the latest trends in technology, and according to Uhlinger, this tech-savvy approach is welcomed at DKL.

“Having Davis at DKL brings in a new generation,” noted Uhlinger. “Most of us in the library have come to libraries as digital immigrants; we’ve learned this technology along the way, where Davis has grown up with computers. She is a true digital native.”

Davis attributes her success in the library community to her dedication and personal passion for libraries and technology.

“I don’t take things slow. I get passionate about what I do and spread that around to others and try to get them to jump onboard,” noted Davis. “South by Southwest was a wonderful opportunity for both libraries and NPS to stretch beyond academia and beyond government outlets to really insert ourselves where the public eye is focused. If we want to have an impact, and show the public what our worth is, we have to meet them where they are.”

Mover and Shaker Andrea Davis, recently honored by “Library Journal” magazine, in front of the Dudley Knox Library.

While attending SXSW, Davis used her time and talent to broaden perspectives on her role as a librarian working for the federal government.

“There is so much amazing research done here at NPS, as we are at the forefront of technological innovation,” said Davis. “I wanted to make the library community aware that working for the Navy and for the federal government is not a boring position.”

Leaving the confines of DKL to spread the word about the power and usefulness of information technology exemplifies the traits that landed Davis a spot on the 2012 list of influential librarians.

“Two weeks ago, she was down at Camp Roberts working on a field exercise,” noted Uhlinger. “She actually went down to see what the field exercise was like, and to figure out ways to be a part of that team – how to bring information into a field exercise. In that work, she did a very dynamic presentation using social tools such as her cell phone and Skype. She was working to show how you can get information into an exercise or into an emergency and use that information anywhere.”

Davis’ recognition by the prominent magazine not only recognizes her, but also focuses attention to the overall efforts of NPS and reaches out to circles not normally touched by the university.

“Her nomination and selection gives us greater recognition across the library community and also it’s an incredible honor for the Naval Postgraduate School,” noted Uhlinger. “The university supports us supporting them, and to have this honor come back reflects beautifully on the Naval Postgraduate School. We will be recognized not only by federal libraries, but “Library Journal” is read by all libraries – public, academic, special and federal. Everyone will see this issue.”


Posted on Apr. 4, 2012

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