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Alumnus Rear Adm. Jan Tighe Takes the Helm at Naval Postgraduate School

Article By: Dale M. Kuska

Rear Adm. Jan Tighe addressed Naval Postgraduate School faculty and staff for the first time during a gathering in King Auditorium, Nov. 28, following the announcement of the university’s change in senior leadership by Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus. Tighe was introduced to the institution’s community by Under Secretary of the Navy Robert O. Work.

Tighe is well versed with NPS and its academic prowess, earning both a master’s degree in applied mathematics as well as a Ph.D. in electrical engineering in 2001, and remained connected to the institution beyond her days as a student.

“For those of you who don’t already know me, my connection and commitment to NPS runs deep,” she said. “Beyond being one of your graduates, I have stayed connected to the school in varying degrees based on the positions that I have held over the intervening 11 years since I graduated. I have served as curriculum sponsor, research sponsor, short course sponsor, and even contributed to faculty evaluation processes for tenure and promotion.”

Tighe says her cumulative experience with NPS provides her with a foundational knowledge to effectively serve the institution during this time of transition.

“While I don’t know each of you individually, I believe I have a sense of what is important to you collectively in accomplishing our mission,” she stressed. “I am humbled by the trust placed in me by the Secretary and CNO is assigning me as your Interim President.”

Tighe delivered a straightforward and honest message to the university community, recognizing that the coming months will take a collaborative approach to the hard work that lie before them. But she added that her recent position in the nation’s capital has given the requisite experience to roll up her sleeves and do the work that is necessary.

 Under Secretary of the Navy Robert O. Work addresses NPS faculty and staff in King Auditorium, Nov. 28, introducing Interim President Rear Adm. Jan Tighe. An NPS graduate with both a master's and a Ph.D. from the institution, Tighe stressed her commitment to maintaining the university's academic quality during the coming transition.

“I am coming to you from a 17-month assignment in the Pentagon, and I can assure you, a one-star admiral in that building is still an action officer,” she said. "But neither my rank, nor my position as Interim President, place me above the hard work we have ahead.”

As Tighe brought her address to the university to a close, she stressed her intent to engage the NPS community across campus  “I am well prepared to listen and continue to learn from you as we begin to address this transition,” she said. “We will maintain our academic integrity and standards as we develop better business processes.

"I sincerely hope that you will recognize that Under Secretary Work’s personal involvement, and my assignment here, as a sign of how important NPS is to the Navy,” she added. “NPS has a great legacy that we will build upon and make the institution stronger.”

Mabus appointed Tighe as Interim NPS President, Nov. 27, until a permanent president for the university is appointed. Her most recent assignment was on the staff of the Chief of Naval Operations as the Director, Decision Superiority.

Posted November 30, 2012

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